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Amanda Laird Cherry @ The Space

Over the weekend, I bought a plum/wine/merlot dress from The Space that made my heart sing. After all these years, The Space is still giving me my regular local fashion fix at great prices. I noticed that I gravitate towards Amanda Laird Cherry who produces clothes that exude womanliness using exquisite fabrics.

Spring/Summer 2010

According to her website:

Amanda is one of a small handful of South African designers who has historically fused the development of her clothes with that of the country…Her collections over the past decade have presented a different kind of reconciliation process, one which unites our intersecting histories into a collective present.

On the ramp, she is both an artist and a story-teller, telling her own personal stories with cloth and thread in much the same way that cultures have done all over the world even before the construction of the first needle.  And, although locally informed, her cloth-based narratives nonetheless manage to consistently wow the local and international fashion press. It’s the old story of using specifics to achieve universality.”

To see more of her collections: Amanda Laird Cherry

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