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KASI Insight finalists at 2017 World Angel Investment Summit Awards for ‘Most Promising Startup’

This years finalists in The Most Promising Startup category at the¬†World Angel Investment Summit awards are KASI Insight marketing researchers who are pioneering what they call ”grassroots market research”, which ”provides reliable consumer data and actionable insights from Africa in 2 weeks”.

Since 2015, KASI Insight have been using major research hubs to understand and reach burgeoning African consumer segments and have penetrated various fields such as ” mobile banking, shopping habits, ad campaign testing, brand tracking, gap analysis, opinion polling, sensitivity and satisfaction, product usage, business concept validation, lending, and mobile app usage in the biggest countries in Africa”.

With over four million responses, KASI Insight continues to ”disrupt the African market research industry” and looks forward to¬†empowering more business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to tap into the fast-growing markets of Africa.

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