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Business Partners Venture Fund

It’s always great to see a new funding vehicle on the market, especially one targeted at start-ups. Business Partners has launched a R400m venture for first round, early stage financing. It’s often said that capital is not the greatest barrier to entrepreneurship in South Africa, but when it comes to financing start-ups, the landscape is generally bleak.

This fund will target high-potential SMEs that have progressed past the research and development stage but not much further than that. It appears that the assessment will be based on the potential of the venture, with a focus on businesses that promise high growth and impact.

According to Gerrie Biljon, executive director at Business Partners: ” the majority of financing deals are made available to SMEs in typical lifestyle businesses, such as coffee shops or small manufacturing outlets, which are considered the ‘safer’ option. “We feel that all businesses with the potential to reach ‘blue sky’ should be considered for funding, as SMEs within all sectors have the potential to flourish. We currently see great potential and opportunity within clean energy, agri-processing, bio-tech and ICT sectors, and want to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop new products or to take existing businesses to a new level.”

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