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Call for entries – high school entrepreneurship education programs & clubs

Communication from Eskom Simama Ranta:

Eskom is inviting entries from South African secondary schools for the 2013 “Eskom Entrepreneurship Education Simama Ranta” competition with total awards of R865,000.00 to the winning schools.
The 2013 edition received a huge upgrade from Eskom in terms of awards. A winning school from each of the 9 South African provinces, together with first runner-up and second runner-up will be selected to give a total of 27 winning schools. The total award of R865,000 will be distributed as follows: national winner – R100,000; each Provincial winner – R50,000; each First runner-up – R25,000; and each second runner-up to receive R10,000. These awards must be used by the schools to support the entrepreneurial projects by the learners.

You could read more on the 2012 winning schools here:

For more information: Simama Ranta webpage

“Simama Ranta” means empowering the South African economy through entrepreneurship, education. The competition aims to identify, honour and showcase those South African secondary schools that are exemplars in entrepreneurship education.
These schools are addressing a principle of the South African government’s economic development policy in preparing learners to consider entrepreneurship as career choice – and become job creators rather than job seekers.
The goal of the Simama Ranta competition is to highlight the variety of comprehensive, quality entrepreneurship education in South Africa’s education system and to showcase the winning schools as leaders in mentoring other schools. 
Education With Enterprise Trust (EWET) – who manages the Simama Ranta schools competition for the Eskom Foundation, is a non-profit organisation that has for year’s devoted their knowledge, skills and talent to enhance enterprise education in high schools. They work in over 800 schools throughout South Africa, empowering educators to promote entrepreneurship and enhance teaching and learning in economic and management sciences
Who can enter?
Previously Simama Ranta was only open to schools in the Education With Enterprise Trust network but this year any enterprise club operating at a high school in South Africa can enter.
All South African intermediate and secondary schools are eligible to enter. However schools must run an enterprise club that teaches learners the basic of business through practical application. Each club must also give consideration to and respond to the socio-economic challenges in your school’s community.

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