Enhance your strategy with consumer perceptions data from major consumption centers in Africa

Introducing the KIC Score, Africa’s First Monthly Consumer Perception Score!

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KASI Insight, Africa’s fastest growing research and advisory firm, today announced the launch of KASI Insight Consumer Perception Score (KIC Score), Africa’s first monthly consumer perception index.

Released the 3rd Monday of every month, the KASI Insight Consumer Perceptions Index (KIC Score) provides a focused view on consumer perceptions in key African cities where most spending in the continent is concentrated. The survey provides a simple measure of consumers’ perceptions about their economic prospects in the near term and attitude towards making major purchasing decisions.

“The KIC score provides much needed consumer data and insights to financial institutions, businesses, governments or international agencies looking to make the best informed decisions in Africa.” said Yannick Lefang, CEO & Founder of KASI Insight.

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Introducing KASI INSIGHT

Pioneering data and insights start-up SOKO Insight has changed its name to KASI Insight effective immediately.

The name change is part of a re-branding initiative to better align the company with its future strategy and long term roadmap. Yannick Lefang, founder and CEO of KASI Insight said KASI means speed in Swahili which reflects the core attribute of our data collection platform.

KASI Insight formerly SOKO Insight was founded in 2013 to address the scarcity of consumer data in Africa. The company is based in Toronto (Canada) and operates in 10 countries on the continent. It offers consumer surveys, market insights and advice to people who want to invest in Africa. The company’s innovative setup allows clients to get local market data information within 2 weeks.

The KASI team is made up of a global team of experts in market research, economics and business intelligence.

“KASI has a unique approach to market research in Africa,” said advisory board member Jasper Grosskurth, of Research Solutions Africa. “When I met the team, I was impressed with the thoroughness of the setup, the short turnaround times and the quality of the samples KASI is able to achieve.”

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