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Corporates must fall

A SMALL but not insignificant segment of my generation has decided, quietly, that corporates must fall. This generation, I define broadly and roughly, as between 28 and 40 years of age.

And by corporates, I might as well include other formal institutions, such as government and established nongovernmental organisations. These professionals, some about to hit the middle-management rung, others having risen quickly to an unfulfilling apex, are deciding to do their own thing. This is a development in line with the global move towards work arrangements that can be defined as portfolio careers. It’s a phenomenon that was best chronicled by Charles Handy, the most important, if not the only, “business guru” Britain has ever produced. His advice: “I told my children when they were leaving education that they would be well advised to look for customers, not bosses.”

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Share your story as an entrepreneur, creator, small business owner…

So you are a creator/entrepreneur/small business owner and you’d like to be featured on like Julie Taylor of Guns and Rain here? To be considered for the mzansiQ+A, please answer at least five questions. No essays, please keep your responses succinct. Email responses to

  1. Please tell us about yourself (founder/s, the people behind the venture).
  1. Please tell us about your products/services. [What do you produce/offer, what need are trying to meet with your products/service, what makes your product stand out in the market, why should customers buy from you?]
  1. Where do you manufacture the product that you offer (country)?
  1. Please tell us about your journey as an entrepreneur. Have you always wanted to become self-employed? What inspired you to become self-employed?
  1. Do you employ other people (if yes, how many)?
  1. Do you think that entrepreneurs are supported and encouraged in South Africa? Please share your thoughts on the business environment as it has impacted on your business.
  1. What have been the major challenges you have confronted in setting up and running your business?
  1. Do you compete with any major corporates (or state institutions)? If so, what has the experience of competing with “giants” taught you?
  1. Do you compete with products/services from other countries (imports)? If so, how is your product differentiated from these imports?
  1. Do you export your products/services to other countries? If so, what have you learnt from the experience of competing internationally?
  1. What has been your funniest moment to date in business?
  1. What are the achievements you are most proud of?
  1. Are you looking to raise finance in the next six months? How much?
  1. Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time? And 20 years’ time?
  1. If you ran things (the country, a province, a government department), what changes in policy or legislation would you make to improve the business environment?
  1. Anything else you would like to share with our readers? (including upcoming events, promotions etc.)?

Do send us any pictures, graphics and videos that you would like to accompany the story, with copyright details (i.e. whom to credit).

Many thanks for your participation.

Team Mzansipreneur

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SUZAAN HEYNS//Trudi’s List

Ever since walking into her Melrose Arch store, I have been enchanted by this artist, whose masterpieces of fabric are hard to ignore. Suzaan Heyns’ current collection evokes a dramatic desert landscape with stark organic forms and muted colours.  Though striking and unusual, her clothes are quite wearable.


Daily Maverick piece

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Art and about – shows at JAG, MOMO, Resolution, Nirox

Johannesburg Art Gallery: Coming of Age – 21 years of Artist Proof Studio till 06 July 2012. Opening on 06 May by William Kentridge and Sibongile Khumalo.

Gallery Momo: Ricky Ayanda Dyaloyi till 21 May

Resolution Gallery: Angel Haro opening May 05

Chester Court142 Jan Smuts AvenueParkwood 2193 Jo’burgRepublic of South Africat  +27 (0)11 880 4054c  +27 (0)74 141 2091
Nirox/David Krut: Maja Maljevic

Rubicon – still going strong

Rubicon home page

Image source: Rubicon