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Trudi’s Wish List – Noma, Copenhagen

White asparagus with poached egg yolk and woodruff sauce

This Copenhagen restaurant sounds like heaven. I came to know about it from Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. The head chef René Redzepi‘s passion is infectious. He is literaly inventive as he explores concepts such as foraging and fermentation in his food production. I would love to visit this place some day. It caters for all tastes and for a pescetarian it offers amazing possibilities. 

The menu:

20 servings – lunch and dinner


Berries and grilled vegetables
Shrimps and rhubarb root
Onion and fermented pears
Beets and aromatic herbs
Cauliflower and pine
Cream and horseradish
Potato and bleak fish roe
Roasted turbot and turnip
Bitter greens and nasturtium
Blueberry and ants
Potato and plum


Image source: wikipedia