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Developments in competition policy – construction & other matters

Zandile Mavuso of Engineering News has published an article on various development in competition policy, including the ongoing ‘construction fast track process’ aimed at resolving cartel conduct in this industry, the Competition Commission’s strategy development process and international relations. Some extracts from the article and a video interview:

Makhaya states that competition law plays an important role in stimulating economic growth, development and employment creation.

“Competition law is crucial in supporting other policies set by government, as the law has the ability to transform different sectors by instilling the rules that promote fair competition. By advocating for competition and investigating anticompetitive conduct in different sectors, we will be able to promote economic growth,” she adds.

The commission is looking forward to its next strategic planning phase, when it will engage with stakeholders on work completed by the commission and find ways in which to improve. The commission also hopes that the planning phase will foster the identification of other sectors that require scrutiny in terms of competition law, in addition to the current priority areas.

The commission states that anti- competitive conduct is an international problem, which has caused welfare deficits in many countries. Therefore, the commission is actively involved in the African Competition Forum, an informal association of competition agencies across the continent, which it hopes will assist the countries to develop ways to eliminate anti-competitive conduct.

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