Enhance your strategy with consumer perceptions data from major consumption centers in Africa

Introducing the KIC Score, Africa’s First Monthly Consumer Perception Score!

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KASI Insight, Africa’s fastest growing research and advisory firm, today announced the launch of KASI Insight Consumer Perception Score (KIC Score), Africa’s first monthly consumer perception index.

Released the 3rd Monday of every month, the KASI Insight Consumer Perceptions Index (KIC Score) provides a focused view on consumer perceptions in key African cities where most spending in the continent is concentrated. The survey provides a simple measure of consumers’ perceptions about their economic prospects in the near term and attitude towards making major purchasing decisions.

“The KIC score provides much needed consumer data and insights to financial institutions, businesses, governments or international agencies looking to make the best informed decisions in Africa.” said Yannick Lefang, CEO & Founder of KASI Insight.

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The KIC Score is a composite index of 7 questions that runs monthly via our consumer polls in 5 urban centers in Africa. The data series is based on a fresh, randomly selected representative sample of city dwellers aged 18-64.

The KIC score makes it easy to track consumer spending trends and compare the biggest urban centers in Africa.

“The African consumer is not very well understood. In other parts of the world, consumer confidence and sentiment metrics provide significant predictive value of consumer consumption and the overall economic climate.” said Trudi Makhaya, CEO & Founder of Makhaya Advisory. “The KIC Score offers economists like myself but also analysts and business decision makers, timely and unparalleled insights into the rising consumer class in Africa.”

The KIC Score is currently available for a 3-month trial period free of charge. Following the trial, users will pay a subscription fee to get access the score and relevant data series (demographics, monthly trend, city comparisons and custom series)

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About KASI

KASI Insight is Africa’s fastest growing research and advisory firm!
As an innovative Pan-African company, we have built the capacity to revolutionize the African survey industry.
We deliver a typical project involving several thousand respondents in as many as 10 African countries in 15 days. The comprehensive reports we deliver for our clients present facts-backed analyses from highly experienced professionals.

– Arielle Nkongmeneck
Media Advisor, KASI Insight

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