Public sector support for entrepreneurs 2015/16 financial year

2015 financial year R Notes
Small Business Development    
Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship 1 billion Mostly technical assistance and non-financial support channeled through the Small Enterprise Development Agency.

Programmes include women business development scheme, black business supplier development programme, developing export-ready SMEs

Co-operatives Support and Development 15 million Programmes include the cooperative incentive scheme
Economic Development    
Small Enterprise Finance Agency 406 million Provides loans to small businesses. Created from the merger of Khula Enterprise Finance, the South African Micro-finance Apex Fund and the IDC’s small business operations.
Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) 8 billion


Value of loan amounts paid out to industrial businesses. Largely self-financing institution, not direct allocation from the budget.
Trade and Industry    
Equity and Empowerment 14 million Mostly towards the Black Industrialists Programme
National Empowerment Fund 1.16 billion Funding for black-owned business ventures. Largely self-financing institution, not direct allocation from the budget.
Services Sector development incentives 560 million Includes the business process services programme. The film and television production incentive support programme for South African and foreign programmes
Manufacturing development incentives 3.4 billion The Manufacturing competitive enhancement programme, the capital projects feasibility programme, automotive investment scheme, sector specific assistance scheme and section 12I tax incentive scheme
Industrial development zones 70 million Developing industrial development zones
Export market and investment assistance 240 million Helping businesses position themselves as exporters
Export Credit Insurance Corporation 165 million Underwriting export credit loans and investments outside South Africa through participating financial institutions
National Treasury    
Jobs Fund (Employment Creation Facilitation) 1.3 billion Funds initiatives that create jobs in innovative ways by providing once-off grants for enterprise development, infrastructure, support for work-seekers and institutional capacity building. The funded institution has to match the grant.
Land Bank 1.2 billion Loans disbursed to corporate, business, retail and development clients
Enterprise Development 6 million Support for creative industries and media transformation
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation    
National Youth Development Agency 409 million Created by merger of National Youth Commission and Umsobomvu Youth Fund – includes initiatives to fund youth-led enterprises
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries    
Co-operatives and Rural Enterprise Development 68.2 million Facilitates and supports businesses as part of transformation
Agro-processing and marketing 54.8 million Promoting market access and value addition for agriculture. forestry and fisheries products
Environmental Affairs    
Green Fund 300 million Invests in projects to protect the environment through work with donors and the private sector
Science and Technology    
Technology Innovation Agency 385 million Part of this total budget goes towards supporting research and development in private companies and funding commercialization of innovation
Telecommunications and Postal Services    
Universal Service and Access Fund 223 million Part of this total budget is directed at subsidizing ICT equipment or services and construction or extension of electronic communication and broadcasting networks in underserviced areas
Arts and Culture    
Entrepreneur and local content development 12 million Establishing 8 incubators to support development of arts and culture entrepreneurs by March 2016
Tourism Incentive Programme 180.4 million Assisting South African tour operators to exhibit their products at trade shows across the world
SMME development 13.5 million Transfers and subsidies for small business run by the Tourism Enterprise Partnership

Source: National Treasury, 2015.

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