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Legacy of Rhodes is not black and white

My thoughts on #Rhodesmustfall:

ONCE in a while, a little voice asks me: “What were you thinking?” It belongs to an inconstant ghost that might suddenly appear when I am having a good laugh over drinks with cherished friends I met at Oxford. Or while I listen to a young, ambitious woman at pains to demonstrate how she stacks up to the attributes of the ideal scholar as set out in Cecil John Rhodes’s will. Or when students at the University of Cape Town demand that #Rhodesmustfall. What was I thinking, filling out forms, rehearsing answers in front of the mirror, rounding up referrals?

But most of the time, when the pesky ghost is not with me, I am a proud Rhodes scholar, who continues to support the aims of the trust by giving some of my time to its local secretariat.

A black woman from Hammanskraal, I’m obviously not what the colonist had in mind when he wrote his will.

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