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Turbine Art Fair 27-28 July

I just can’t keep up with the social calender this winter. But next week Sunday, I hope to make it to the Turbine Art Fair to enjoy some art and jazz. In one of my favourite spaces in downtown Jozi, some of the city’s well-known galleries will be showcasing and selling art under R20 000.

Turbine Hall, Newtown

According to the organisers:

” The first Turbine Art Fair will be held during the last week of July 2013 at the award winning venue in the Newtown Cultural Precinct, the forum|turbine hall.  Attendees of this exciting art fair will have the opportunity to fulfil both their art-viewing and art-buying needs whilst the pop up cafe and bar will cater for their discerning taste buds. A series of free lectures will also be held during the weekend to help educate first time buyers on how to start their art collections, all one needs to know about buying your first piece of art, hanging it in your home, or starting a collection from scratch. A free crèche will be set up for children and expose even the youngest to the pleasures of art. Paintings, original artist-made prints, photography, and sculpture will all be on show with over 40 galleries represented at the art fair. Whether you are looking for artwork that is traditional or contemporary, by a famous name or an undiscovered talent, The Turbine Art Fair will provide for all tastes with prices ranging from R1000 to R20 000.”

For more details:

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Interesting, the art business has always baffled me as to how it operates. You would see a simple painting valued for hundred thousands of rands, really wonder whats so important about art and kind of people spend thousands and even million of bucks on art.

There’s an art lover in everyone. You should come to the art fair. I’d be surprised if you spent some time visiting galleries etc and you don’t find something that grabs you. As for valuation, I find the art market to quite meritocratic. If the artist does not have a great reputation and the work does not appeal, there is very little they can do to push up the valuation. A lot of the prices are set at auctions so it’s also driven by supply and demand in the most fundamental sense.

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