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Two simple resolutions for 2016

I’m slowly getting into the 2016 swing of things. It promises to be a tough year, if the first week or so is anything to go by. Unresolved issues are bubbling to the surface, the economic outlook is bleak, and it’s an election year for the most troubled sphere of government.

So, I’m going to go for two simple goals. Things that are  (mostly) within my control. The first is to start a culinary garden. Herbs, vegetables and maybe even fruit. I made some tentative steps last year, with some herbs (parsley and basil), which are coming along. Some cool urban gardening tips at Apartment TherapyGarden ShopJoburg City Parks.

The second is to learn a programming language (or two). I obtained my last degree ten years ago (an MBA) and though I’ve done my fair bit of on-the-job training, it’s all been cumulative or related to my established skills set. It would be good to give my brain a novel challenge. Some of my new projects are in the digital sphere, and though I’m not likely to ever code professionally, it’s good to understand the logic of it. I’m starting with Ruby on Code Academy.

Sweet ’16, here we go!


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